Great Idea

My name is Jermaine Wiggins, I’, 27 years old and live in Los Angeles, California. My partner and I feel we’ve come up with a great and functional idea that we have not yet seen. I’m not sure if this type of product would be something that you would market but I’ll give you the details of our idea as well as the story behind it.

My partner and I have a French Bulldog puppy named Emma. She, like all puppies love to chew and shred things apart. The most common thing that she and other puppies shred are Pee pads. These cotton absorbant sheets you lay on the ground to house train your puppy are good at absorbing the puppys bowels, but the puppies just shred them to peieces, even after they’ve been used. So we went and boughtt a peed pad protector at Petco and Petsmart, which is a protective plastic casing in which you place the peed pad in and close it up, leaving the top exposed so they can do their business, while cover the sides of the pads to preent the dog from flipping it around and tearing it.

This seems like a good idea, however the dogs and still shred them. They simply scratch the top pad until they can get an opening to grab with their teeth and tear apart from the middle. So what we did was put a pet resistant screen and attached it to the underside of the pad protector so when we clip it on, it sits over the pee pad allowing the urine to fall through and prevents her from tearing the pads. It works beautifully. We are submitting this idea to a few invenstors to see what the response is. We feel we have a potentially excellent product, anyone who’s had puppies has gone through this. Thank you for your time.

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